Lepas – Episode 1

July 4, 2019 by Troy Massey0

At the end of 2016, surf photographer Troy Lyndon Massey headed for Indonesia. He was preparing Lepas – episode 1 of his videos.

The aim was always to make a surf photographer web-series that goes beyond picturesque landscapes and perfect surf. For the ocean to be the lead roll, to show the sustenance it provides us and the freedom and peace it gives us as a place of refuge, no matter whether you’re rich, poor, local or tourist.

Upon meeting various people, the month-long trip turned into an adventure over 3 years with some of the most influential surfers and artists today. Creating pieces for some of the biggest brands and stadiums in California, United States.

All the while, establishing displays of surf photography all over the world. 

Today in surfing and surf photography alike, there is a lot of emphasis on who is surfing the heaviest wave, doing the biggest airs, carving the highest spray and what’s the best equipment. 

At its core, surfing has always truly been about scoring epic waves with friends and having fun. Adventures for swells that sometimes don’t materialize but instead take you on a whole different experience to areas and cultures you never knew existed.    

Lepas which stands for ‘Free’ in the Bahasa Indonesia language aims to document these adventures. 

Along the way filming the culture, landscape and surf. Portraying cultural qualities, the importance of community and helping each other.

Episode 1 – The Beginning

The beginning of the journey started from a small town in South Bali, Indonesia. Meeting some of the locals and filming an Iconic competition that runs annually in Bali called the Padang Padang Cup. It pays homage to the brave participants that surfed the low-tide conditions over the sharp jagged reef. 

Each year Ripcurl selects international professional surfing talent and brings them to the island where they are put in competition with some of Indonesia’s best surfers. Common local attendees include Mega Semadi, Mustofa Jekson, Agus Setiawan and I Nyoman Artana.

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Copyright by Troy Lyndon Massey 2019. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Troy Lyndon Massey 2019. All rights reserved.